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From Michael Staley’s essay The Fool:

“Initiation is not a matter of swallowing wholesale what this, that or the other illustrious person has said at some time or another, but of making it real, of arriving at your own understanding. We take influences from diverse sources, whether it be Grant, Crowley, Spare, Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi – to name but a few – and synthesise their work via the catalyst of our own experience, creating thereby an understanding and a body of work that is intrinsic to us. People who come after us will do likewise, again from a diversity of sources. In this way, knowledge and experience is passed down, and this is one meaning of parampara or spiritual lineage. ”

Could not have expressed it better. This sums up my approach to the Mysteries, and explains the diverse range of influences that have gone into my own work.

The Magickal Union of East & West, The Spiritual Path to New Aeon Tantra explores the fruit of some of this work.



In my teens I was in a few bands. I played guitar and also would program our electronic drum machine. Seems we were always looking for a real live, human drummer to round out the lineup (harder to find than you might imagine!). One thing about being in a rock band is that you are always mentioning your influences in order to give a sense of where you originated from, what inspires your own music and creativity, and so on. This type of description would also be used to help find other musicians, such as a drummer! Basically, what are your roots? For our band the Brethren, we had some clearly defined influences: The Sisters of Mercy, Red Lorrie Yellow Lorrie, Fields of the Nephilim, Killing Joke… The idea was that given enough references to influences, you might attract the sort of fellow musicians and fans that are drawn to a particular sound or genre. In our case, that was “death rock.”

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